Shokupan – Bread to eat

Shokupan literally seems to translate to “Bread to Eat.” Shoku means meals or to eat, and Pan is the Japanese-ified french “Pain.” It’s this thick, light, pillowy wonderful bread that is so much more substantial than American white bread. I never understood the concept of American white bread… compared to Shokupan. Why didn’t the Americans just catch on and make bread like this?

My mother would always get this at the Japanese market. The best way of eating this pillowy bread is with butter. Toast it, put some butter, and it transforms the morning toast. It is slightly sweet, toasty outside and chewy inside. Delicious.

I splurged on some bread last weekend at Sunrise Market and I’ve been enjoying it every morning.


  1. Hi there –
    Long time listener first time caller. This is really interesting to me. Is there a bite out of the corner? Is it marketed as having an odd geometry? Is it pre-sliced? Are you comparing it to Wonderbread-like American white bread or a bakery loaf?

  2. Hey Aaron! Yes, that is my bite in the corner of the bread, otherwise, the bread looks like a pointy square with the middle cinched in on all sides. You can get it presliced, or in a bit rectangular brick. The Panya bakery one available at Sunrise mart is presliced 3/4 of an inch thick. It’s like a bakery loaf, but they use a completely rectangular box and lid to keep the shape… which is reminiscent of something produced more commercially. It’s interesting, but you should try to get a hold of some Japanese white bread. SO GOOD!

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