Narrows Bar

Narrows Bar
1037 Flushing Ave.
Brooklyn, NY

This place is a little hard to find, but if you keep going towards Life Cafe on Flushing, you’ll find it to your right. It’s where the old gallery Pocket Utopia used to be located (which an artist friend of mine had a residency). It looks like a small place, but has a REALLY CUTE outside area (with a BBQ) with tons of space. Off the bat, once you go inside, the place is dark and cute with regular patrons, although it just opened. The bartenders are courteous and signature cocktails are straight on. Otherwise, they have an all night all the time special of bud & jameson or sol & jalapeƱo infused tequila for $6, of which the latter is my go to.

Morgan Old Fashion – The main alcohol in this is rum, but it’s beautifully made and a great new rendition on a classic drink. If the other drinks sound too girly for you, this is the tastiest way to go. (Other than the specials)

Lucky Lindy – Beautiful blend of St. Germain, Cava, and everything else to make your lady swoon.

Babushka – A great summer drink that’s fizzy and citrus-y. My other go to drink other than their tequila special and Old Fashion.

Caulfield’s Dream – Cute name, but the spearmint scares me off. Never ordered it, but it seems to get rave reviews…

I love that there’s a place right near by the Morgan stop. As much as Wreck Room is fun, I like that there’s a non-divey alternative in that part of Bushwick. Go there while you’re on your way to Roberta’s or Momo’s.

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