New Addition – Momo Sushi Shack

What’s really exciting these days are the new places popping up all over Bushwick Brooklyn! We recently went to this great small bar on Flushing Ave, called Narrows Bar. There’s a wine store right around the corner from Roberta’s, and next to that this new Sushi place.

Momo Sushi Shack
43 Bogart Street
(between Moore St & Grattan St)
Brooklyn, NY

Ryan found this new place on Yelp and the front was slightly worn down with no distinguishable signs, similar to Narrows. The place is owned by the same people that did Bozu in Williamsburge, which I have never been to, but Ryan has. However, I think this place is cheaper, with a communical bare eating space, and no alcohol. I think they let you bring your own bottle, and otherwise, they have soft drinks.

I wouldn’t say this place is Japanese… just like I wouldn’t say neo-rolls with cream cheese and lox isn’t exactly traditional sushi. However, I like them. (And for the record, when my grandmother came over from Japan and she tried them, she liked them.) I’m not really purist like my father was (he was a Sushi Chef), but this place is like postmodern. They do “nigiri” (which is just another word for holding together – which connotes pressing the rice together with the fish) in “bomb” form with minced raw fish, rather than whole pieces. And everything is fresh, delicious, AND the kicker is they use pretty good rice. It’s a good sushi place. I like how they are doing something completely different. Off the bat, they have all ready mixed soy sauce and wasabi for you. One pot is pure soy sauce, the other is 50/50, and the last pot is like 90% wasabi.

Now, let’s get to the food. They have several fish, non fish meats, and vegetarian things here. It’s great. Also, most appetizers on the menu are around $5-7 and extremely affordable. Most of the other places are under $10. First off, we ordered the ceviche with scallops (you can also get it with yellow tail). It’s not your usual ceviche… and this must be my FAVORITE thing on the menu. I ordered this the first time and continued to order this (and the party platter) for all the other two times I’ve been here. The cevich comes with your choice of scallops or yellow tail, with salmon and avocado. It rests on a thin pool of grated yams (which I LOVE – grated thicker pieces than traditional Tororo) and topped with grated daikon. They have a dashi base favor where you don’t need to add anything. They bring you small bowls if you have a guest and suggest that you mix and mash it up before eating.

We ordered some risotto rice croquettes. I LOVE Japanese cream croquettes (usually it’s creamed corm or white sauce inside). I love anything fried, but these rice croquettes are yummy, savory and totally comforting. I would either order these or the stuffed mushrooms, which are super flavorful, hearty, and savory. I like a little savory variety.

The gyoza is pretty solid. We saw a couple of plates of these babies go out, so we had to grab one. They have a vegetarian variety, if that’s the way you roll. This is a very tasty solid appetizer, along with the Japanese fried chicken. Japanese chicken is usually in wing form, tebasaki, or little boneless chunks of white and dark meat with a dark thick fried coating, which is slightly sweet. They do the latter very well here. (And their chicken is usually one of the specials).

Last but not least… Bombs – this is what is so distinguishing here. They make them similarly, I am guessing, to a nigiri (although I am sure they use a mold). the rice is good, not squished, and the toppings are ELEGANTLY molded and placed. We usually get the party platter with the spicy una bomb. From left to right, they gave us a salmon bomb, tuna bomb with avocado, unagi bomb, and a spicy tuna topped with daikon.

A meal for 2 here is typically anywhere from $30-40 with a variety of things. Get the bombs and ceviche, and experiment with other small dishes.


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